Your Dollars At Work

Community Impact Fund

Our Community Impact Fund is used where the needs are the greatest. We utilize our Community Impact Fund to invest in nearly 100 programs that support our priority areas at 60 community organizations. In FY 2018-19, 84% of our Community Impact Fund dollars were invested through Coordinated Funding, while 14% were invested through our own discretionary grant funds.

All of our investments align with our strategic focus areas: Early Childhood, School-Aged Youth, Health & Nutrition, Housing & Homelessness, Older Adults, and Financial Stability.

United Way Discretionary Funding

Our Opportunity Fund supports programs, projects or initiatives that are responding to critical or emergent community needs.

Our Basic Needs Fund supports the immediate, most basic needs of individuals, children and families in need.

Fiscal Year 2019-20

Fiscal Year 2018-19

Fiscal Year 2017-18

Fiscal Year 2016-17

Fiscal Year 2015-16

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Coordinated Funding

United Way of Washtenaw County is a proud member of the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders. The Washtenaw Coordinated Funders adopted a funding model with three distinct components (Sector Leaders (formerly Planning & Coordinating Entities), Program Operations Funding & Capacity Building Grants) designed to prevent gaps and avoid redundancies in services while streamlining application and reporting procedures for grantees. This effort involved better sharing of information, closer work with local nonprofits to establish common community goals, and increased cooperation in funding decisions.
The Washtenaw Coordinated Funders seek to better coordinate our funding of human service programs in Washtenaw County around shared priorities. This effort involves better sharing of information among us, closer work with local nonprofits to establish common community goals, and increased cooperation in our funding decisions.

Program Operations Grants are multi-year funding to support essential services within five priority areas: early childhood, school-aged youth, safety net health & nutrition, housing & homelessness, and aging.

Capacity Building Grants support one-time initiatives that strengthen a nonprofit organization and/or the local nonprofit sector as a whole. Annual focus of this fund shifts in response to local capacity building needs.

Systems Change Investments support shifting the conditions that hold problems in place.