Safety-Net Health

Gaps and Needs

Washtenaw County Health Department Annual Reports, 2017 & 2018: Annual report out of WCHD's health-related strategies, impact, and emerging issues. (WCHD, 2017 & 2018)

Access to Behavioral Health Care in Michigan: Analysis and report about mental health care and substance use disorder treatment access in Michigan. (Altarum, 2019)

Michigan Health & Wellness Dashboard: At-a-glance dashboard of key health & wellness indicators in Michigan. (Open Michigan)

General Health Data for Michigan: Collection of statistics and reports of health data of Michigan's citizens. (Michigan DHHS)

County Health Rankings: Comparisons of health ranking data by county, state, national. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Washtenaw County Health Data: Robust collection of data, presentations, and reports on the health of Washtenaw County residents, including information on access to care, mental health, health equity, substance abuse, and more.

HIP Survey: Every five years the Washtenaw County Health Improvement Plan (HIP) survey is conducted in our community to identify health trends and conditions. (Washtenaw County Public Health, 2015)

Washtenaw Health Equity Report Card: One-page report card that rates health disparity (based upon race, income, education, or geography) in Washtenaw County of 11 key health indicators. (Washtenaw County Public Health, 2014)

Comprehensive Latino Health Survey: (In English) Comprehensive survey of health ofWashtenaw County Latinx population. (Washtenaw County Encuesta Buenos Vecinos Collaboration, 2015)

Washtenaw County Dental Assessment: Report detailing history and context of dental care in Washtenaw County and changes to the landscape with a focus on low-income populations and safety-net providers. (Washtenaw Health Initiative, 2015) Enrollment Data: Maps to dig deeper into local changes in the uninsured rate, county-level marketplace enrollment, and where in-person assisters are located in relation to uninsured consumers. Enrollment Data: Race, Ethinicy, and Language: Examines Marketplace enrollment activity by racial and ethnic subgroup as well as spoken and written language preference, at national and state level. (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2017)

Building a Healthier Washtenaw: Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan (Washtneaw County Public Health, 2013)

Childhood Obesity in Washtenaw County: Data about childhood obesity throughout Washtenaw County (Washtenaw County Public Health)

Health Care in Michigan: Map of Healthy Michigan Plan enrollment rates by county and a variety of other Health Care reports and resources. (Michigan League for Public Policy, 2015)

Solutions and Best Practices

The Community Guide: Resource to help communities select interventions to improve health and prevent disease. (Community Preventative Services Task Force)

Kaiser Family Foundation: Resources regarding health reform, Medicaid, Medicare, ACA, and more.

Local Blueprints for Change

Health Needs Assessment: The Coordinated Health Funding Needs Assessment examines six subtopics within the Safety Net Health and Nutrition priority area: Physical Health, Oral Health, Mental Health, Substance Use, and Benefits Advocacy. Also includes Community Outcomes and Shared Strategies. (Washtenaw Health Plan, 2012)

Tools and Resources

Community DashboardA dashboard on Washtenaw County's current safety-net health community conditions and our funded program's outcome achievement. 

Health Care Counts: Local assistance and information about applying for health care coverage.

Washtenaw County Public Health: Various services available from local health department, including immunizations, low-cost clinics, STI testing, maternal infant health program, and more. 

National Immigration Law Center: Information about health care for immigrants, including "Know Your Rights", information for pregnant women, and Affordable Care Act guides. 

Prescription Assistance: Search for prescriptions, compare prices at local pharmacies, print coupons. 

FamilyWize Rx Discount Card: Free Rx Savings card for anyone.

Healthy Michigan Plan: Health insurance plan for low-income residents (at or below 133% of the Federal Poverty Limit), ages 19-64, provided by the State of Michigan (also commonly known as Medicaid expansion). Learn more and enroll online.

ER Visit Guidelines: Information and good and bad reasons to visit the ER. Enroll in health insurance plans offered through the Affordable Care Act.

Guide to Health Care in Washtenaw County: List of free and low-cost health care options, including contact information, who qualifies, services offered.

Washtenaw County Dentist List: Dentists accepting Health Kids Dental for each town.

Michigan Benefits Access: Search tool to find agencies near you that can assist with enrolling in benefits.

*If you need assistance with any health & human services needs, please dial 2-1-1 from any phone, or search the 2-1-1 database online.