National Day of Virtual Action

National Day of Virtual Action 

Brought to you by the

Volunteer Center and the Emerging Philanthropists

United Way Day of Action is an invitation for people and organizations around the world to LIVE UNITED and take action to address a variety of challenges.2020 National Day of Virtual Action is on and around Friday, June 19. Brought to you by United Way of Washtenaw County’s Volunteer Center and the Emerging Philanthropists Day of Action is a day that we ask you to help us put our mission into action by improving the building blocks for a good quality of life..this year with a shift!
In response to COVID-19, our Day of Action will look different this year.

There are four ways YOU can participate:

1. Remote Volunteering: These are projects that can be completed off-site, by volunteers mostly from their homes. Examples: Donation Drive for vital supplies, remote blood drive. We don’t have to be in-person to engage with the community and help our nonprofits in need! Organize a remote activity with your team, family, or on your own (with all appropriate safety precautions observed!) Click here to see available opportunities. (Check back, new projects are being posted each week.)
2. Virtual Skill-Based Volunteering: These are projects that can be completed anywhere, aimed at engaging volunteers with specific skills (such as finance, marketing, communications, website design, etc.). These projects may take place over one day or several weeks. We have partnered with to provide these skill specific volunteer opportunities. Click here to find a local skills-based project with Catchafire.
3. Hands-on Volunteering: There are still some limited hands-on needs to be met throughout our community. These are projects that can still be carried out in-person, with proper safety precautions observed. We are still stronger together, just six feet apart! Click here to see available opportunities. Check back, new projects are being posted each week.
4. Advocacy: United Way of Washtenaw County has been focused on equity and racial justice for many years but we need your help to make a change. Click the links for different ways to advocate:   Advocate By LearningAdvocate By GivingAdvocate By Doing and Advocate for Juneteenth!
For questions, please reach out to
For the health of volunteers and our community, please observe all safety precautions when carrying out any kind of volunteering.  Click here for the most up-to-date recommendations from the Washtenaw County Health Department.

Visit the Volunteer Center to sign up!