Mission, Vision, Values


United Way of Washtenaw County CONNECTS people, resources and organizations TOGETHER to create a thriving community for EVERYONE.


In a rapidly changing world, United Way of Washtenaw County will become an active participant in building a stronger, healthier and more compassionate community.
United Way does what no single organization alone can do. We bring together leaders from government, corporations, human service providers and the community to develop innovative solutions to local issues. We leverage funding for the network of programs that - together - can make a meaningful, measurable difference.


The business of United Way of Washtenaw County will be conducted with CARING and INTEGRITY, rooted in VOLUNTEERISM and INCLUSIVENESS and committed to COMMUNITY.

Equity Vision and Statement

United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) recognizes that the strength and vitality of an entire community is tied to just and equitable access to resources and opportunities. In all our roles we will consciously work to eliminate injustice and inequity. We aspire to live in a community where:
  • Your zip code no longer determines your opportunity in life;
  • Life expectancy is the same across all populations and communities in our County;
  • The academic achievement gap is eliminated;
  • Everyone in our community has a home;
  • Community members seek understanding and awareness of their own power and privilege and actively work to end poverty in our County;
  • Poverty is not generational. If it exists, it is intermittent, brief and not permanent;
  • Everyone in our County is able to meet their basic needs-- housing, food, transportation, education, health expenses and childcare.