Financial Coaching

The financial coaching program at United Way of Washtenaw County provides one-on-one support to individuals to identify and work towards their financial goals. Our program also focuses on long term behavioral change, reducing financial stress, and creating positive financial habits.


Our participants who have worked with a coach for three months and attended at least three coaching sessions are able to create the most impact on their finances. To date the financial coaching program has supported 228 people!

Check out the progress of our participants below!


Click HERE to read our the full financial coaching annual report. 

See what our participants saying 

"Financial coaching has helped us put a process in place to not only create goals but actually achieve them"

"Financial coaching has improved my self-esteem around money. I feel more empowered and no longer feel hopeless when it comes to money."

"I feel like I have more clarity in where my money is going. After working with my coach I have a plan on how to resolve some of my issues. I feel like I have stepped out of darkness and can see the light."

"I feel more confident in making financial decisions. I now have the tools and resources to steward my finances the way I've always wanted too."

"I've learned that there can be an emotional side to money and that it's not something to be ashamed of. This program has taught me accountability plus incremental change can yield positive results"

"This program has given me the support and direction on how to tackle my debt. I have lots of positive support and that helps with the immense stress I was feeling before"

Ready to start your journey?

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* Financial coaches do not provide investing advice