Financial Coaching

 In response to COVID-19 and the many reduced working hours/layoffs facing Washtenaw County residents, we are offering consultations with our financial coaches to help you make a financial plan during this difficult time. To schedule a phone call or video chat with one of our financial coaches please click here

* Our financial coaches do not provide any investment advice. 

Our financial coaches have created a resource to provide some tips of steps you can take if you have been financially affected by COVID-19.

To access the version with links please click here.

 For the spanish version please click here. 


One-on-One Financial Coaching

Our trained financial coaches provide financial education and tools to help individuals get back on their feet, and stay there. Financial coaching is designed to support individuals as they work towards financial milestones, such as improving their credit score, net worth and/or net income, and becoming debt free.
To see progress made by our participants you can check out our mid-year report by clicking here

Tools to help you reach your Financial Goals

We have put together some resources to help you with creating and understanding your money story.  Below you will find different resources that we have found helpful in creating an action plan to help you build and work toward your goals and how you value money. 

Budgeting Tools

We believe that having a plan for your money is vital to reaching your financial goals.  Below we have different tools that you can use to help you create your plan to tell your money what to do while staying organized to reach your goals.    

Monthly Budget Worksheet, this is a monthly budget worksheet you can print out

Weekly Tracker Worksheet, this is a weekly money tracker you can print out

Budget Excel Worksheet Tool, this is an spreadsheet to help you put your monthly budget together 

Sample Budget Excel Worksheet Tool, this is a completed version of the above spreadsheet showing how to fill it out

EveryDollar, free online zero-based monthly budgeting tool

Good Budget, free electronic envelope budgeting system

Mint, free online budgeting tool

You Need A Budget (YNAB), online budgeting tool

Money Mindset

We believe that having a positive attitude toward money will help in reaching the goals you set for yourself.  Below we have different resources that show different money stories that can resonate with helping you create and work toward the goals you value. 

Dave Ramsey, Author.  Watch other money stories of different individuals and families reach their financial goals by doing a debt free scream

Marie Forleo, Life Coach and Author.  6 Tips on Changing Money Mindset


We believe that credit can be a tool to help in your money story.  Below we have different resources that can help you track and monitor your credit report that can help in making sure you are shown in the best financial light. 

Credit Karma, free resource to check and monitor your credit score. 

Free Credit Report,  check all three of your credit report for free on an annual basis

myFICO,  explains what a credit score is and how it is calculated

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Information,  free opt-out of credit card offers and do not call registry

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