Building Equity & Opportunity

Inequities hurt everyone, United Way of Washtenaw County is focusing on removing barriers and increasing access so all people have the opportunity to thrive.

In 2017, we committed to equity as a core value and practice to advance our mission. We define equity as the presence of justice and fairness within our procedures, processes, and distribution of resources.

In all our roles we will consciously work to eliminate injustice and inequity. We aspire to live in a community where:

  • Community members seek understanding and awareness using their  own power and privilege and actively working to end poverty in our County;
  • Your zip code no longer determines your opportunity in life;
  • The academic achievement gap is eliminated;
  • Everyone in our community has a home;
  • Life expectancy is the same across all populations and communities in our County;
  • Poverty is not generational. If it exists, it is intermittent and brief;
  • Everyone in our County is able to thrive and meet their needs-- housing, food, transportation, education, health expenses and childcare.

Build Your Equity Muscle

The resources below are helping us learn and understand how to intentionally focus on equity in all of our work. We invite you to explore these links to build your "equity muscle" and learn with us. 

United Way Governance Series Hosted by Nonprofit Enterprise @ WorkBelow are the meeting agendas, materials and slide decks from the last 3 session in this series, which focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

1. People Power: Preparing Ourselves to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2. Culture Shift: Building Equity-Driven Cultures

3. Implementing Change: Integrating DEI Lens throughout our Organizations

  • Implicit Association Test: Take this free test from Harvard University and learn more about your personal levels of unconscious bias
  • Bias CleanseMTV’s Look Different campaign is here to help open your eyes to hidden biases
Publications and Data:

Find more data, reports, and resources on our Data Portal.