Join the Equity Challenge

January 6 - 26

Thank you for your interest in the challenge and we hope you will join us.  United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC), has a vision that by 2030 your zip code will no longer determine your opportunity in life.  At present in Washtenaw County, it does. We have work to do and invite you to join the conversation to be part of the change and lend your power to fuel a social movement.

Join us on a virtual self-guided learning journey examining the history and impacts of racism and how it shapes people’s lived experience in Washtenaw County.  Along the way, you’ll also receive examples and tools on how to undo racism and build racial equity and justice.

We need you. We believe united action is powerful and it benefits us all to have greater collective capacity and courage to identify and address the different ways that bias, prejudice, privilege, and oppression show up in our work and lives. We've learned so many lessons as we developed the Challenge.The Challenge will feature content that speaks to diverse identities and expressions and it is being prepared knowing that our audience is not homogenous. This is not a Challenge just for white people. It has something for all people.

This Challenge was originally developed by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Dr. Marguerite Penick-Parks and Debby Irving and has been adapted by Food Solutions New England. United Way of Washtenaw County has committed to adapt the challenge with our community along with our Support Partners (listed below).

Click here to read a welcome letter from Pam Smith, UWWC CEO and Yodit Mesfin Johnson, UWWC Board Chair.

About the 21 Day Equity Challenge

  • You (along with thousands of others in Washtenaw County) commit to deepening your understanding of and willingness to confront racism for 21 consecutive days beginning January 6 and ending January 26.
  • During every morning of the Challenge, you'll receive an email "prompt" with readings, videos and/or podcasts. You are encouraged to take about ten to fifteen minutes each day with the material in the prompt.
  • Explore this work on your own, with friends and family, or organization-wide. Download our discussion guide by clicking here. OR, you can join us! United Way will be hosting a four (4) lunch-hour discussions during the challenge.  Space is limited.  Learn more by clicking here.  
  • Capture your daily reflections and actions using our activity log.  Click here to download the log.
  • Share your reflections and “a ha” moments using the hashtags #unitedforequity , #equitychampions, and #uwwcequitychallenge.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Share this flyer promoting the Challenge.
  • To access today's challenge content, click here.
Thank you to our Community Partners!

We invited companies, nonprofits and community groups to promote the challenge and help us reach our goal of 10,000 voices.  All of our partners are listed here and will be acknowledged  at our Equity Convening February 26, 2020. 

Thank you to our Support Partners!
The following organizations have financially supported the design and implementation of the 21 Day Equity Challenge:

Click here to read our full Equity Vision and Statement