Women Find a New Path to Self-Sufficiency

Jewish Family Services' Immigrant Women's Path to Success Program helps women find a life they might not otherwise realize. A woman from Nepal came to the United States for humanitarian reasons – specifically, to obtain health care for her disabled daughter who suffers from a rare medical condition.  With help from this program, she obtained work as a teacher at a local school.  The supportive services provided by JFS helped her daughter finish her Bachelor’s degree and  she is now seeking work.

Another domestic violence survivor from Laos was unable to learn English because she had no one to care for her children while she attended classes.  This program covered the cost for her children to attend programs at the Boys and Girls Clubs, so that she could attend ESL classes that will enable her to work and achieve independence in the United States.

These women are now able to support themselves, support their families, and contribute to making Washtenaw County the vibrant and diverse community that it is.

United Way of Washtenaw County is proud to support this program through our Power of the Purse event proceeds.  The vast majority of this program's clients come to the country as immigrants and refugees seeking a place where they can live in peace and safety. Many of these women are coming from war torn countries, after experiencing numerous traumas and losses. These incidents have ranged from losing family in wars, kidnappings, and violence on a daily basis. In addition to trauma, many of these women are unprepared for work as they come from patriarchal societies in which professional opportunities for women are limited. Jewish Family Services caseworkers possess the cultural competency to work with these clients on the removal of barriers to success through providing ESL, employment counseling, resume preparation, and payment of certification fees.  Women who have participated in this program have learned how to network to find a job, how to create a resume, employment searching techniques, American cultural and workplace expectations,  and budgeting to maintain financial stability. Women who participated in this program have gained essential skills needed to establish their lives in Washtenaw County that they otherwise would have lacked. As a result, many of the participants are employed or well on the path to employment and have become integrated in their communities with resources needed to support for their families.

Our Power of the Purse event raises funds that support women's self-sufficiency through our Financial Stability Fund. Join us for our event this year on Wednesday, March 15. Buy tickets here!

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