Volunteer Centers collaborate to make volunteer recruitment easier

We’re excited to announce a new connection to make it easier for local organizations to recruit volunteers from our community: 
In addition to the existing connection between United Way of Washtenaw County’s (UWWC) Volunteer Washtenaw and University of Michigan (UM) Ginsberg Center’s Connect to Community, Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) VISION Volunteer Center has a new volunteer portal: Volunteer Connection.  
Combined Volunteer Portals
When you input an agency profile or volunteer opportunity into UWWC’s Volunteer Center portal (VolunteerWashtenaw.org), your information will automatically be shared with EMU and UM’s volunteer portals as well.  Students are then able to search for local opportunities and organizations via their university’s individual platform. Community members will continue to use UWWC’s Volunteer Center to find volunteer opportunities and organizations.
Current United Way of Washtenaw County Volunteer Center Agency Users
If you already utilize UWWC’s Volunteer Center portal, your information is already populating to EMU’s Volunteer Connection and UM’s Connect to Community portals.  You can add new opportunities through your current Volunteer Center account at any time. 
New Agency Users
If you are interested in recruiting volunteers and do not yet have an Agency Profile, you can set up an account through UWWC’s Volunteer Center. Once this Agency Profile is created you can add new opportunities that will reach community, UM, and EMU audiences.  Visit the agency sign-up page to create an account.
Update Your Volunteer Opportunities
Since classes will be starting in the fall, we strongly encourage you to update your Agency Profiles and volunteer opportunities so that students returning to campus at EMU and UM can explore opportunities with your organization. Including your agency logo and photos are a helpful draw for students, as well as specific days/times of opportunities/needs since these allow students to match opportunities with openings in their class schedules. Check out our resources folder for instructions on how to do this.
More Resources
If you would like more information, check out our helpful resources folder that includes how-to’s, tips, and recruitment resources to help you get the most out of these volunteer recruitment portals. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Amanda Reel, areel@uwwashtenaw.org.