VITA Volunteer Training & Resources


Tax Preparer Resources


Volunteer Tax Preparation Quick Guide (coming soon)

VITA/TCE TaxSlayer Pro Link (coming soon)

Volunteer Shift Sign-up Sheet


Federal Helpful Information:  

Publication 4012VITA Resource book, your best friend and resource for tax season

Publication 17Official IRS Tax Guide (not updated for 2018 at this time)

Form 1040 Crosswalk - From Prosperity Now comparing Tax Year 2017 Form 1040 to Tax Year 2018 Form 1040 + Schedules 1-6 


State and Local Helpful Information:

State of Michigan Quick Guide

State of Michigan Pension Tier Chart

Property Tax Lookup

Calculating Total Household Resources (and Checklist)


State of Michigan Training Material

Accounting Aid Society State of Michigan Tax Year 2018 Training (PDF File)

Accounting Aid Society State of Michigan Practice Quiz (PDF File)

Michigan Return TaxSlayer Practice Questions w/ Answers