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Volunteer for VITA

Volunteering for VITA will be completely remote this year. Due to the software we are using, we have limited spots available, but we are still seeking a handful of volunteers! Please review the position descriptions, and if you are interested or have any questions contact Emma Roeder, VITA Program Manager at

New volunteers this year should…

  • Be comfortable working online

  • Be good self directed learners

  • Be comfortable reaching out for help when needed

  • Have previous VITA, TCE, LITC, or general tax experience or training

  • Have a secure home internet connection

Intake/Exit Specialist

Tax Preparer

Tax Preparer Resources



Federal Tax Resources:  

Publication 4012VITA Resource book, your best friend and resource for tax season. Publication 4012 is the VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide. This guide has tables, step by step answers, and in depth info for how to input things in Taxslayer (use Ctrl-F to find topics by word search!

IRS Interactive Tax Assistant, Helpful IRS tool that walks through determining filing status, filing requirement, or who you can claim as a dependent.

Dependent Calculator,  (2019) very helpful tool to help you determine what credits dependents are eligible for.

Publication 17, (2019) Official IRS Tax Guide (not updated for 2019 at this time)

State and Local Helpful Information:

Michigan 4012: A Michigan version of the Publication 4012! Developed by an AARP Volunteer

Michigan Quick Guide: directions to enter housing and retirement information for Michigan

Michigan Tax Payer Assistance Manual: Helpful resource for Michigan Taxes from the Department of Treasury

State of Michigan Pension Tier Chart 2019: Quick reference for determining subtractions for Retirement Income

Michigan 1040: A guide to using the MI 1040

Service Fee Housing List 

Property Tax Lookup

Calculating Total Household Resources (and Checklist)

Accounting Aid Society State of Michigan Tax Year 2019 Slides (PDF File): Provides detailed explanations of THR, HPC and HHC rules, special situations, and more.

Training & Certification Resources

State of Michigan Training Material

UWWC State of Michigan Training Slides (PDF File): Slides used at in-person Michigan Training

Accounting Aid Society State of Michigan Tax Year 2019 Slides (PDF File): Provides detailed explanations of THR, HPC and HHC rules, special situations, and more.

Training Modules:  

Prosperity Now Video ModulesThe best place to start when you're completly new to taxes! Each module includes practice questions at the end

Link & Learn Tax Training, These modules are text based,organized by topic, and include more detailed scenarios to test your knowledge

TaxSlayer Practice Lab:  

TaxSlayer Practice LabUse password TRAINPROWEB to login, then create your own account. This is a practice lab for the software we use to file taxes that you use for practice scenarios, as well as to complete the test scenarios for your preparer certifications.

VITA Certification

Certification Exams, Create an account and take the exams needed for certification here

Intake/Exit Specialists: complete the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam and the Intake Interview and Quality Review Exam

Tax Preparers: Complete the two above exams, as well as either the Basic or Advanced Exam (Advanced recommended!)

*Additionally you may choose to take the HSA and Military Exams

The VITA Study Guide, points you in the right direction for where to find the needed information for exam questions

Learn more about rideshare taxes here (needed for the Advanced Exam)

  • Check your Advanced Exam Answers HERE 
  • Upload Your Volunteer Agreement Form 13615 Congratulations on completing your exams! You are now ready to volunteer in our tax clinic. Form 13615 on VITA Central must be completed and uploaded to this form before you can volunteer. 

State of Michigan Practice Quiz (2019)

State of Michigan Quiz Answers (2019)

Clinic Links:

TaxSlayer Pro OnlineLogin page for our Tax Prep software

Zendesk Database: Login 

Zendesk Database Instructions

Zendesk intake/PDF Training Video

Zendesk Quality Review Training Video

Client Exit Survey LinkExit Survey for clients to complete while they wait for QR after their taxes are complete

Volunteer Helpful Updates: Periodic tips and reminders for volunteers to stay informed on clinic operations or common errors that we're seeing.

Fillable QR Checksheet: For use when doing QR

Fillable Form 8879 Efile Authorization: For use when doing QR- Must be filled out and sent to the Taxpayer

Scan & Go QR process: instructions for how to do a QR for scan and go!


Tax Preparer Resources

Clinic Links: