Strategic Plan

Building on our 100-year history, the United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) serves a county of 358,000, and focuses specifically on issues related to poverty and inequity. With a 14% poverty rate and an additional 23% of the population struggling to meet their basic needs (ALICE report, 2017); poverty and inequity continue to systemically marginalize some of our neighborhoods. Washtenaw County ranked in the bottom 8% for upward income mobility in Harvard’s "Equality of Opportunity Study," a measure of the chance for a child from a lower-income household to rise into the middle class and beyond. This illustrates how upward mobility is increasingly determined by neighborhood and zip code. Ann Arbor also ranked as the 8th most economically segregated community in the nation, worse than New York and LA (Martin Prosperity Institute study, 2015).
United Way of Washtenaw County invests in solutions that improve lives. Our 2018-2021 Strategic plan recognizes equity as the foundation of our work. We apply an equity lens to our focus areas to ensure that we are intentional and successful in addressing the needs of our community, and have made a long-term commitment to systems change beyond this three-year plan. We invite you to participate and work with us on the strategies and actions described within this plan, as the power of the United Way lies within all of us. Each person in our community who is willing to lend a hand and volunteer amplifies our impact through aligned and collective action.

Strategic Plan Documents