Single Care

For more than 15 years, United Way of Washtenaw County has partnered with SingleCare to reduce the cost of medical prescriptions for Washtenaw County residence.

SingleCare, formerly known as FamilyWize, is an organization focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. You can call SingleCare for free customer support to help them coordinate prescription medication delivery from participating pharmacies. You will also continue to receive savings on medications by using the free SingleCare prescription program card.

How it SingleCare works:

  1. Search the prescription you are looking for and customize the dosage and quantity.
  2. Download, text, or email yourself a free coupon card.
  3. Show the coupon card to your pharmacist, and the savings will be automatically applied. 

How to Coordinate Home Delivery:

  1. Look for the home delivery button when searching for your prescriptions. Provide some basic information and receive your prescriptions!
  2. Call the SingleCare toll free number at 800-234-3057


To learn more and get started, visit