Nonprofit Leaders Join Our Equity Journey

United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) sponsored a workshop series created by NEW | Solutions for Nonprofits, to train nonprofit leaders to recognize and address various levels of bias – personal, organizational, county, and sector. Twenty local nonprofit organizations sent staff and board members to learn about bias, racial equity, and identify solutions to advance their commitment to racial equity within their own organizations. This series is a part of UWWC’s commitment to justice by ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion find full expression within our organization.  
Jim Egerdal, board chair at Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, found the series valuable due to the practical tools and learning that he could take back to his organization and put into action immediately.  
“The series really got our attention. We’re more committed and aware across the organization than we’ve ever been. It’s not hard to talk about, but it’s hard to start talking about. The workshop series made it easier to get that conversation started.”
Darryl Johnson, board member at Mentor2Youth, put it this way, “I gained a different understanding of my role at certain tables. Now I’m better positioned to help other black parents understand the systemic issues at play and how to navigate those waters. I can translate it to others that may not be on the equity journey yet. The workshop series provided a safe space to talk about these issues. If there’s not a safe space to experience the learning, you may not ever learn.”