United Way COVID-19 Community Relief Funding Distributes Third Round of Funding Bringing Total to $772,455 to 44 Organizations

United Way COVID-19 Community Relief Funding Distributes Third Round of Funding
Bringing Total to $772,455 to 44 Organizations

ANN ARBOR, MI (May 1, 2020)- United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) announced its COVID-19 Community Relief Fund (Fund) has invested a third round of funding totaling $115,000 in grants to seven nonprofit organizations and groups responding to critical needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in Washtenaw County. The first round of grants, totaling $454,000, were deployed less than one week after the grant portal was opened and 25 organizations and groups received funding. In the second round, an additional 13 grants were awarded.  Grant investments ranged from $10,000 to $20,000.  

The Fund’s one-million-dollar goal was achieved with help from local foundations, individual donors and businesses.  Additional rounds of grant investment will continue until all funds raised of the one-million-dollar goal are distributed. After distributing $1M in grants, United Way will close the Fund and turn its focus to long term recovery strategies in response to evolving community needs in the months to come.

United Way continues to provide equitable solutions in the communities we serve so that critical needs are being met.” shared Pam Smith, President and CEO of UWWC. “We are listening to community groups' feedback to drive decisions.”

Notable grants made in the third round include Washtenaw Literacy to support delivery virtual literacy and GED prep and Arbor Hospice to support purchases of essential PPE for clinical staff providing personal care to older adults in residential care.  Additional grants prioritized services in 48197/98 zip codes and rural areas to benefit people with low incomes, communities of color and to help nonprofits meet increased staffing demands. 

"When the chips are down, the United Way brings great insight into providing targeted and needed support in a way that ensures efficiency and effectiveness," said Amy Goodman, Executive Director of Washtenaw Literacy.  "Washtenaw Literacy will multiply this support to impact scores of low-literate neighbors in our community who are faced with new challenges, including overseeing their own children's education."  


For a full list of organizations awarded funding visit uwwashtenaw.org/covid-19-response-and-impact.


IF you need HELP

Call 2-1-1 Our 24/7 hotline that can connect you to services in our community 

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Visit uwgive.org to donate to the Community COVID-19 Relief Fund.  100% of your gift will be used in our community to meet the emerging and critical needs in our community by our non-profit partners.

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Visit VOLUNTEERWASHTENAW.org  Help is needed in the community and there is a special Washtenaw County Coronavirus Volunteer response team  - Medical and Non-medical people needed.

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Share the official messages regarding public health and safety to your friends and family. 



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