Catchafire Opportunity for Capacity-Building Brought to Washtenaw County

Catchafire Opportunity for Capacity-Building

United Way of Washtenaw County and the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders are excited to be co-funding, in partnership with the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, to bring the Catchafire platform to Washtenaw County!

What is Catchafire?
Catchafire is a platform that supports nonprofits around their capacity-building needs. They match highly-skilled professionals who want to donate their time and talent with nonprofits who need those skills. With Catchafire, nonprofits are able to complete important work, and staff have the opportunity to develop professional skills, thereby strengthening organizational capacity and helping changemakers achieve their goals.

For more details about how Catchafire can impact your organization and our community, check out The Philadelphia Foundation's video on their experience.

Opportunity Details
With the co-funding partnership, this opportunity to engage with the Catchafire platform is being offered at no cost to Washtenaw County nonprofits. The engagement is on a 2-year trial basis, starting in February 2020, as we explore this way to support nonprofits in achieving their own goals. This opportunity is open on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total of 240 spots available.

Please note that this opportunity is for Washtenaw County-based nonprofits. Organizations must be physically located in the County, with Washtenaw County residents as their target audience. 

Launch Details
This program will officially launch on February 10, 2020, at which point you will receive and email detailing instructions on how to register with the Catchafire platform. Signing up below ensures you will be getting that communication in February 2020. 

There will be an in-person training with Catchafire staff in Washtenaw County in early March 2020 to support engagement with the platform. For those that can not attend the in-person training, there will be a scheduled webinar. Details will be released via email once finalized. 

To sign up for the Catchafire opportunity,
please fill out this Google Form by Friday, December 13.