Michigan Taxes Resources

State and Local Helpful Information:

Michigan 4012A Michigan version of the Publication 4012! Developed by an AARP Volunteer

Michigan Quick Guide: directions to enter housing and retirement information for Michigan

Michigan Tax Payer Assistance Manual & SupplementHelpful resource for Michigan Taxes from the Department of Treasury

State of Michigan Pension Tier Chart 2019: Quick reference for determining subtractions for Retirement Income

CEDAM State and Local Tax TrainingSlide decks and recorded presentations on MI and city taxes

Michigan 1040A guide to using the MI 1040

Housing List (open in Google Sheets) and Quick Guide

Calculating Total Household Resources (and Checklist)

Accounting Aid Society State of Michigan Tax Year 2019 Slides (PDF File): Provides detailed explanations of THR, HPC and HHC rules, special situations, and more.

MI Pension Schedule Form 4884 instructions

MI-1040CR Instructions

MI Schedule 1 Additions and Subtractions Instructions

MI-1040CR Instructions

Michigan Treasury Tax Forms

TaxSlayer Pro OnlineLogin page for our Tax Prep software

Volunteer Helpful Updates: Periodic tips and reminders for volunteers to stay informed on clinic operations or common errors that we're seeing.