Cities, Townships, and Villages
Access the websites of cities, townships, and villages in Washtenaw County by clicking on the map.

Washtenaw Intermediate School District
See the geographical layout of the school districts that have partnered with the Washtenaw Intermediate School District; contact information for each school is also available.

Interactive GIS Mapping Tools

Policy Map
A robust and national geo-database that allows users to layer various data points over the map:

  • Demographics-Population, Households and Families, Religion, and more.
  • Education-School Enrollment, Educational Attainment, School District Statistics, and more.
  • Income & Spending-Household Incomes, People in Poverty, Food Stamp Recipients, Economic Mobility, and more.
  • Housing-Home Values, Residential Buildings, Affordability, and more.
  • Lending-Mortgage Loans, Small Business Loans, Banking, and more.
  • Quality of Life-Crime, Food Access, Transit Access, Commute to Work Statistics, Energy Usage, and more.
  • Economy-Jobs & Industries, Infrastructure, Government Spending, and more.
  • Health-Health Status, Vital Statistics, Access to Care, Risk Factors, and more.
  • Federal Guidelines-Housing and Urban Development, FEMA, National Park Service, and more.

The Opportunity Index utilizes recent data in 5 categories to break the county into quintiles showing where the average person has more overall opportunity.  The overall map can give you a general impression, but a lot of key information can be found by using the overlays and sorting and viewing the data in the tables:

  • Job Access-Adult Educational Attainment, Mean commute time, Living wage jobs in neighborhood, Unemployment
  • Health-Low birth weight, Child obesity
  • Economic Vitality-Child poverty rate, High-cost mortgage, Housing & Transportation Affordability
  • Education-Preschool enrollment, Education proficiency, Dropout Rate, Adults not working and not in school
  • Neighborhood Stability-Residential vacancy, Median home values, Home invasion, Registered voters, voting

Washtenaw Area Transportation Study Maps
The Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) is a multi-jurisdicitonal agency responsible for transportation planning in Washtenaw County. These maps include information about current roads, bike paths, public transit, housing & transportaion as percentage of income and greenhouse gas data.