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United Way of Washtenaw County recognizes that the strength and vitality of an entire community is tied to just and equitable access to resources and opportunities. Structural racism and other forms of oppression have contributed to persistent disparities which we seek to dismantle.

Addressing inequity is critical to realizing our vision of an equitable community where opportunity is not limited and every member reaches their full potential. To address inequity, we must understand our history and what drives these disparities. When we take it upon ourselves to learn, grow and educate others, we are doing our part to build a brighter future for our county.

Improving the lives of everyone in the communities we serve means we must explicitly focus on removing these barriers for those most harmed by them. This includes addressing systems, policies, practices, belief systems, and attitudes that have often served to privilege whiteness and disenfranchise others. Focusing on race, ethnicity and compounding marginalizations is necessary to end the historical, social and systemic inequities that persist in our county.

This is what it means to Live United. This is what it means to be #UnitedForEquity.


Learn more about how you can be #unitedforequity equity by exploring the areas outlined below.