Five Day Challenge Catalogue

About the Equity Challenge: COVID-19 Edition (May 25-29): 

The COVID-19 Edition of the Equity Challenge helps us to see the inequities unfold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day is catalogued below to continue your self-guided learning journey.

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    • You (along with thousands of others in Washtenaw County) committed to deepening your understanding of and willingness to confront racism for 5 consecutive days beginning May 25th.
    • Explore this work on your own, with friends and family, or organization-wide. Download our discussion guide by clicking here. 
    • Capture your daily reflections and actions using our activity log.  Click here to download the log(PDF Version)
    • Share your reflections and “a ha” moments using the hashtags #unitedforequity, #equitychampions, and #uwwcequitychallenge.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Day 1: Personal Racial Identity & Privilege

    Day 2: Levels of Racism

    Day 3: How Your Race Affects Your Health

    Day 4: Opportunity and Segregation in Washtenaw County

    Day 5: Take Action in Washtenaw County

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