Federal Taxes Resources

Publication 4012VITA Resource book, your best friend and resource for tax season. Publication 4012 is the VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide. This guide has tables, step by step answers, and in depth info for how to input things in Taxslayer (use Ctrl-F to find topics by word search!

IRS Interactive Tax Assistant, Helpful IRS tool that walks through determining filing status, filing requirement, or who you can claim as a dependent.

Dependent Calculator, Very helpful tool to help you determine what credits dependents are eligible for. 

Annuity/Pension Exclusions Calculator very helpful tool to determine pension taxes and exclusions

Publication 17, Official IRS Tax Guide 

TaxSlayer Pro OnlineLogin page for our Tax Prep software

Volunteer Helpful Updates: Periodic tips and reminders for volunteers to stay informed on clinic operations or common errors that we're seeing. COMING SOON FOR 2021 SEASON