Equity Summit


Our Equity Summit was sold out, dampened only by a school snow day, that still had 250+ people in attendance for a four and a half hour focus on race and inequity. Started off by spoken word performer, Mikhaella Norwood, the 2019 Motown Artist of the year, we held space to unpack what people had learned during the Challenge and what they wanted to lift up and share from their own experience. We had Yen Azzaro use her talents as a graphic recorder to capture the ideas, thoughts and feelings pumping through our panelists and audience. We heard from inspiring panels of experts and shared new ideas on solutions that could work in our community. We had a Gallery Walk that lifted up 19 agencies already doing the work in our community on RACE dialogues, history, community conversations that inspired attendees to answer a call to action and to get involved so this work was not a moment, but a movement.


The Reflection panel and the Justice panel both brought raw, authentic challenges people face in our neighborhoods and innovative strategies to move our community forward.

The events were live streamed on Facebook so go to our FB page if you want to experience some of the event.


We will be following up with a summary of the actions and aspirations you shared with us.  Please follow us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn for updates about our work.  Share your progress on taking action using the hashtag #unitedforequity.