Equity Challenge Community Partners

We want to thank our Community Partners who are helping us reach our goal of 10,000 voices to participate in our Equity Challenge!

Your Name Your Network or Affiliation (e.g. local business, parent teacher association, school, nonprofit, faith group)
A2IDEAS - special education advocacy nonprofit
Alena Euniece Zachery-Ross Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education,  Administrative Team and Staff
Alesha Montgomery University of Michigan Office of University Development -
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Alex Alaniz Neutral Zone
Alex Gossage Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living
Alex Strati Old National Bank
Alison Austin nonprofit
Alize Asberry Payne Washtenaw County
Amanda Reel Community member
Amy Fanning Nonprofit
Amy Goodman Washtenaw Literacy
Andi Ann Arbor District Library
Andrea Plevek University of Michigan Youth Policy Lab
Angela Johnson health nonprofit organization (U-M)
Ann Daane United Way of Greater Atlanta
Annette Sobocinski Child Care Network (nonprofit)
Ayesha Ghazi ENGAGE: Detroit from the University of Michigan School of Social Work 
Barbara Niess-May SafeHouse Center
Belinda Dulin The Dispute Resolution Center
Beth Watson United Way of Tarrant County
Brian Townsend University of Michigan Athletics
Bridget Healy United Way of Washtenaw County
Brittney Tinsley Family Empowerment Program
Callan Loo nonprofit organization
Candace Gardner United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
Carrie Rheingans Center for Health and Research Transformation (nonprofit)
Cathy Burr Washtenaw DHHS
Cecilia Pozo Fileti UWWC Board Member
Ché Carter Middle School
Chandra McLaughlin Child Care Network
Chandra Montgomery Nicol Clonlara School
Clarissa Love Michigan Medicine Office for Health Equity and Inclusion 
Cody Riffle University of Michigan Athletics
Colonial Square Cooperative Non-profit Cooperative Housing
Community Day Care Non-profit school 
Constance Pearson Ramirez Affiliation
Corner Health Center  Nonprofit
Coy Vaughn County Government
Daicia Price University of Michigan School of Social Work
Dan Kelly Shelter Association of Washtenaw County
Dana Wright Legacy Land Conservancy
Darryl L Johnson Nonprofit
David Canter United Way
David Garvin Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County
Debbie Koch Girls Group
Derrick Miller Community Action Network
Diane Heidt government
Diane Keller Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber
Dianne Peters Indivisible Dexter
Ebony Robinson United Way of Washtenaw County
Educate Youth non-profit
Eileen Spring Nonprofit
Eleanore Ablan-Owen Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (ICPJ)
Elizabeth Glynn University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum 
Emily Drennen City of Ann Arbor
Emily Johnston United Way of Olmsted County (MN)--also a former Washtenaw County resident!
Erica Briggs  
Erik Bakker Bank of Ann Arbor Trust Department
Erin Gillies  
Evan Pratt Countywide Elected Official
Fernanda Lima Cross Honey Creek Community School Equity Team
Geniro Dingle United Way
Geralyn A DeBoard Strident Healthcare
Godfrey Aguwa, Jr. Nonprofit
Grace Pesch United Way of Olmsted County
Gregory L. Clark AT&T
Hannah M Hamel Granite United Way
Ingrid Justice HighScope Educational Research Foundation
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice Nonprofit
Janet Lebson United Way
Jeanine Mowbray United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
Jennifer Hall Housing Commission
Jennifer Ingram United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Jennifer Junkermeier-Khan Stamps Gallery
Jiemin Jacobson Children's Creative Learning 
Jillian Rosen Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Jimena Loveluck Washtenaw County Health Department
Joan Sampieri League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area
Joann Riemersma The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Grand Rapids, MI
Joe Koss Center for Health Research & Transformation (CHRT)
John Deikis Chelsea, MI
J'Taime Lyons Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy
Julianne Smith Ypsilanti District Library
Julie Brinkmeier ULAM UM
Kanaan Kidz Childcare LLC Child care
Karen Andrews The Andrews Group
Kathya Marino 7770 berwick Drive
Katie Lampen Community Action Network, Grace Ann Arbor
Katie Page Sander Hands Across The Water
Kellie Jones Non Profit
Kevin Lill Peace Neighborhood Center
Kevin Mead Spokane County United Way
Kim Robinson Forum for Youth Investment, David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality
Kimberlee Brown Non Profit
Kimberly P. Diamond-Berry HighScope Educational Research Foundation
kirk a profit consultant/lobbyist
Kristin Gapske WCC Entrepreneurship Center
Kristy Bray Trial Court - FOC
Kristy Smith  St. Joe's and the Allies Academy 
Larry Wentzel University of Michigan Libraries
Latorrie Geer CommunityWorks
Lauren Beriont Emergence Collective
Lauren Vasquez Michigan Medicine Adolescent Health Initiative
Lauren Velez Avalon Housing
Leah Josephson Emergence Collective (local business)
Levina Kim United Way of the National Capital Area
Lisa Curtis Spokane County United Way
Lisa Fusik 14A DIstrict Court
Lisa Gentz WCCMH
Lisa Klopfer Eastern Michigan University
Lisa Lemble Gretchen's House, Inc.
Lisa Munch Michigan Medicine
Liz Colegrove CCN
Lori Roddy Neutral Zone
Lucia Heinold UU Challenging Racism 
Lucile Kirk-Malcolm Washtenaw County
Madeline Mortimer Emerging Philanthropists
Mandy Grewal Pittsfield Township
Margy Long Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative
Marla Conkin faith based non profit
Mashod Evans Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Matt Kelterborn Business+Impact at the Ross School of Business
MeChelle Callen United Way
Meg Rogers United Way of Greater Fall River 
Megan Ivey Trial Court - Court Services and IT
Meghan Bonfiglio Washtenaw County Parks
Melody Proebstel Local United Way
Michele Brown Michigan Medicine
Michelle Peet Early College Alliance at Eastern Michigan University
Morgan Lail Nonprofit 
Naomi Goldberg Bend the Arc Ann Arbor - a community of progressive Jews
Natalie Kittikul Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
Nataly Sauceda United Ways of Texas
Natasha Doan-Motsinger Our House
Nuola Akinde kekere freedom school
Pam Smith United Way of Washtenaw County
Paul G Saginaw Zingermans 
Peri Stone-Palmquist Student Advocacy Center of Michigan 
protip biswas United way
Rachael Privett Hospital - Frankel Cardiovascular Center
Rachael Zuppke community partner
Rebecca Christensen Project Community, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor
Rebecca Wittekindt Bee Present Honey
Renee Adorjan Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services - Washtenaw County
Renita Robinson YWCA Greater Green Bay
Rev. Yolanda Whiten Ann Arbor Community Center, Inc. 
Rhonda Fields Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan
Rhonda Weathers SOS Community Services
Richard Chang Local business
Sara Saylor U-M Ginsberg Center
Sarah M. Thornburg Friends In Deed
Sarah reeves CHEAR(UM)
Scott Menzel School District
Sharie Sell City of Ann Arbor
Sharon Lapides SOS Community Services
Sheila Konkel United Way
Sheri Samaha University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach
Sky Woodman Non-Profit
Sonia L. H. Peterson Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Foundation, Inc.
Sophia Chong Youth Policy Lab, University of Michigan
Stephanie Blackburn Freeth Adaptive Alternatives LLC
Sue Monet neighborhood knitting group, exercise classes and yoga class
Suzie Staley Neutral Zone
T. Anthony Denton University of Michigan-Michigan Medicine
Tami Cook Washtenaw County OCED
Tara Truax Michigan Medicine 
Taryn Gal Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH)
Tasha Palmer Washtenaw success by 6
TC Collins willow run acres
Teresa Gillotti Washtenaw County OCED
Tien Holmes Friends/Family
TINA GAVALIER Washtenaw County Finance
Titicia Rosen MDHHS Washtenaw County
Toi Dennis local attorneys and associates
Toni Kayumi Ann Arbor YMCA
Toni Longton United Way of Washtenaw County
Trish Cortes Washtenaw County Community Mental Health
Vu Willey Department at Michigan Medicine 
Yodit Mesfin Johnson mostly nonprofit folx