Child care scholarship gives family a bright future

Allan, 31, was a single father caring for his 5-year old daughter alone. His goal was to complete his education to better his financial situation and provide for his daughter, as well as set a good example for her. Due to mental health issues, the mother was unable to provide any financial or physical supports for him. As the relationship ended, Allan used the opportunity to move back to Ann Arbor, re-enroll at EMU and enroll his daughter in Community Day Care Center, a high quality and educational co-op. His daughter was in need of structure and stability.
Our partners at Child Care Network (CCN) provided Allan with a child care tuition scholarship that included coverage for his part-time work hours, class and study time. Community Day Care partnered with CCN and provided him a partial in-house scholarship to help CCN maximize United Way funding. Through various funders, Allan received 6 semesters of scholarship, averaging $100 per week.
Allan graduated with Honors from EMU. He obtained his BSW and is currently enrolling in the U of M Masters program in the Fall of 2013. His daughter has excelled at Community Day Care and is getting ready to enter Kindergarten.
"Thank you so much for your continued support. I will have you know it has allowed me to complete my BSW with honors (August 2013) at EMU, as well as gain entrance to the UM MSW advanced standing program with a Dean’s Mission Scholarship. After, I will continue my mission of empowerment of others, as you have empowered me on this mission. Thank you."
Allan's situation and outcome is commonplace. Child Care Network works diligently to ensure that parents and their children achieve their goals and life dreams. We are very proud of Allan!
Without United Way and Coordinated Funding, CCN would not have been able to assist Allan and other parents in similar situations, for the duration and amount of funds. His daughter would not have had equal access to such a quality early learning and care program, as DHS would not have assisted him and he had no other familial support. Allan most likely would not have completed his degree in such a quick time frame. Soon, he will be giving back to our community, and CCN, as a highly degreed professional.