Use Your Voice to Create Change

There’s never been a moment like now. Now is our opportunity to band together and fight for a MORE EQUITABLE FUTURE. To kick down old barriers and champion new ways of thinking. We need to STAND UP for people and communities that have been overlooked for too long.   By becoming an advocate with United Way of Washtenaw County you’re saying, “not on my watch.” Because we know quietly doing good is no longer good enough.

Advocating is crucial to a community's success. And guess what? It's easy. By calling, emailing, or even tweeting your representative, you can help us spread the word about the change that needs to happen in our neighborhoods. When you advocate with United Way, lawmakers take notice.

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Stay Informed on Who is Representing You

Recent redistricting in our state has changed voting districts. You likely have different elected officials representing you in the Michigan House and Senate. Knowing who is representing you, and how to contact them, is an important part of being engaged.

Where United Way of Washtenaw County Stands

Click here to view our 2023 Public Policy Agenda to better understand the issues for which we are advocating. 

Thank you for lending your voice and supporting our community.