Advancing Equity Conversation: Public Education and Parenting

Raised Hands In Support


Have you participated in an Equity Challenge and want to keep the momentum going?

Do you want to explore how you can shift yourself, your workplace, and your relationships to advance equity?

If you answered "yes" to either of these, we invite you to bring your lunch and join us for a virtual community conversation, hosted by United Way of Washtenaw County in partnership with ChangeWorks, LLC.

This is the 1st of four (4) quarterly themed conversations we will be hosting between now and June of 2022.

This conversation will be focused on Children, Schools, and Parenting and the intersection of race and racial identity to:

  • Explore more deeply how racial justice concerns affect your life.

  • Deepen your understanding of the impacts of structural racism on others.

  • Identify the structural racism dynamics that generate these lived experiences.

  • Identify steps you can take, alone or with others, to promote racial justice.


We'll be kicking off with a panel discussion and then moving into facilitated breakout groups.

We believe in the power of this collective reflection resulting in action. During our time together, we will work to meaningfully expand and build on the power of connectedness through storytelling-- your story and our story as a community, because justice is at the heart of equity work, and it is the work of many hands.

RSVP for the 1st conversation taking place on Tuesday, October 19th from 12-1:30pm