21-Day Equity Challenge: 2023 Edition - Challenge Catalogue

We wanted to create a dynamic resource for our community. Each day is catalogued below to continue your self-guided learning journey.

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From January 9th through 29th, capture your daily reflections and actions using our activity log. Click here to download the log

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Day 0: Welcome to the Challenge 

Day 1: Centering Yourself: Levels of Racism 

Day 2: Interpersonal Racism

Day 3: Institutional and Systemic Racism 

Day 4: Confronting Whiteness, White Privilege, and White Supremacy 

Day 5: Reflection Day #1 

Day 6: Honoring Michigan's First People

Day 7: ALICE lives in Washtenaw County 

Day 8: Racism is a Public Health Crisis 

Day 9: Where will I live? Housing Affordability & Homelessness 

Day 10: Environmental Racism. Environmental Justice.

Day 11: Decolonization and Reparations 

Day 12: Reflection Day #2

Day 13: Equity and the LGBTQIA+ Community  

Day 14: Injustice in our Justice System

Day 15: Voter Suppression Day

Day 16: The Power of Representation

Day 17: Authentic Self Care and Mutual Aid 

Day 18: Talking to Children About Race

Day 19: Reflection Day #3 

Day 20: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process 

Day 21: Take Action in Washtenaw County